Social Graph

How does this work?

After you log in, this page gets a list of all of your facebook friends. For each of your friends, it then obtains a list of mutual friends (i.e., common to you and the friend). This data is converted to the DOT language.

Note that this page will display a popup at first to log into Facebook, if nothing seems to be happening try disabling your popup blocker.

How can I turn this into an image?

The DOT file can be turned into an image using the open source Graphviz software. On a Unix system the command you use will be something like dot -Tpng -o graph.png.

Graphviz provides six different tools. Which one should I use?

You can look at examples of the output of each of the tools below. Note that neato becomes very slow if the number of friends you have on Facebook is much more than 100. Note that the names have been hidden in the images below, and because of this, in some case, the output isn't completely representative of what you might get. In general, though, you won't go wrong with fdp.

  1. dot (5.3MB)
  2. neato (0.4MB)
  3. fdp (0.4MB)
  4. sfdp (0.4MB)
  5. twopi (0.4MB)
  6. circo (2.3MB)


None of your data can be viewed by me unless you choose to send it to me. All of the processing is done on the browser and no data is sent to my server, as can be verified by viewing the source of this page.

I can be contacted at the email address: c@{this-domain}.net. There is a list of software, etc. used to build this website here: Credits.