Problem Recommendations

This page is a web-based interface to a collaborative-filtering based problem recommendation engine that I designed for the online judges SPOJ and CodeChef. It can be used in two ways: to get a list of problems similar to a given one, or to look at the problems which you have solved and recommend other problems that you will find easy to solve.

Go ahead and give it a shot! Fill out the form below and click on the Submit button.

1. First, select which online judge you wish to get recommendations for.

2. Next, select whether you want to get problems similar to a given one ("Similar Problems") or problem recommendations for a particular user ("Recommended Problems").

3. Finally, enter the username or problem code depending upon what you choose above. (If you chose "Recommended Problems" you should enter a username, otherwise you should enter a problem code.)
Warning: This is case-sensitive; problem codes are all-caps.

4. Now hit Submit!

I can be contacted at the email address: c@{this-domain}.net. There is a list of software, etc. used to build this website here: Credits.