Analyzing Facebook Interactions of a Small College

Lately, I have been trying to see what we can learn about the structure of social interactions on a local scale from how people interact with »

Distributed Web Scraping with StormyCloud and Ruby

StormyCloud is an open-source framework designed to make writing simple distributed programs in Ruby very easy. In this post, we explore how to use StormyCloud for »

Animus Introduction

Animus is an AI programming contest I organized during Exodia 2012, along the lines of the Google AI challenge. This post will get you started with »

Obfuscation 2012: Comments and Solutions

Obfuscation is a contest in which the goal is to solve a given problem with the smallest amount of C code possible. Congratulations to the winners! »

Dementia 2012: Comments and Solutions

(Dementia is IIT Mandi's internal programming competition.) The 6 hours programming contest has finally ended! Congratulations to the winners. Spiral Numbers Dennis is programming a robot »

Convergence Tests of Infinite Series

Convergence tests are methods for testing whether or not an infinite series converges to a finite value. This post is derived from my notes for MA101. »

Finding the remainder left behind when dividing a large number

It is easy to compute the remainder left behind upon dividing, for example, 2100 by 3 using modular arithmetic. Modular arithmetic is a system of arithmetic »